Su, Shi and Bo share space in Sushibo Casanova

Su, Shi and Bo share space in Sushibo Casanova

Who are they?

The Su, the female salmon was very lonely. Customers asked for more decoration on the restaurant ... Since last October 14 Shi, tuna, and Bo, a pufferfish, share space in Sushibo Casanova.

Our essence

In 94 Casanova St. Barcelona, we have a simple, austere, cozy, minimalist decor place that has recently added some new elements ...

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Some regular customers had ever suggested to us that some additional decorative elements may improve the restaurant atmosphere. Quite a challenge to add things, even if they are few. It can be a problem if you do not want to change the essence of a business. So, a year and a half ago we added Su, a painted female salmon, by the painter and musician Pau Dominguez. But His was still very lonely ...

The artisans

After mulling our head for an idea, and finding an appropriate time, we decided to seek some friends for  Su, new decorative elements that reinforce the identity of the restaurant. We contacted Josep Mercader, an artist-craftsman who has a basketry workshop in Torroella de Montgri, Girona (see We order the custom design and manufacture of a tuna and a blowfish. And they got down to work ...

The sources

The first thing they did, in the workshop of Josep Mercader was to define the measures and study the morphology of tuna

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The materials

Then they decided as would. They would use the techniques of traditional Catalan basketry but with Asian base materials. Sushibo pure spirit! The structure, "the internal skeleton", which determines the shape and strength of the final piece is made of a type of reed called Asian Manila. And then knitting and weaving ... with bamboo marrow.

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Last steps

Finally, the fins and the different details and finishes were incorporated and  the effect of light inside was checked. This is how Shi born, our particular tuna.

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The same process has been followed with Bo, our blowfish ...


Un cop donada una lleugera capa de vernís, ja només quedava recollir les dues peces i penjar-les amb èxit al nostre restaurant...

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Definitivament, la Su -la nostra salmó femella- ja no està sola. Està molt ben acompanyada pel Shi –la tonyina- i en Bo –el peix globus...

A new air
Josep Mercader, Magda Martinez and Joan Quer have done a great job and have taken care of every detail. We are very grateful and we invite you to enjoy their work, as we are doing every day- while tate our Sushiexperience.

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