El wasabi

El wasabi

Wasabi, the Japanese horseradish


Wasabi is a green paste commonly known as the indispensable sushi accompaniment. It can be served as a paste or grated and it gives the spicy touch onto the soy sauce that we eat with our sushi piece.

But... what actually is this ingredient?


The real Wasabi is a rhizoma (wasabia japonica), a root-like stem that grows above ground. Real wasabi is very rare. Even in its native Japan, demand constantly outstrips supply, and it’s expensive to import and hard to grow. In Japan it can be found at Izu peninsula (Shizuoka) and Nagano, Shimane, Yamanashi and Iwate. When it comes to exportation, Taiwan and New Zealand lead the market.


How is the Wasabi rhizoma?


The rhizoma is a green root which is grated to get the paste that will be served as a sushi side or between the fish and the rice in nigari pieces. Traditionally a sharkskin grater (Squatina nebulosa), or Korozame, is used and is still considered optimal, but ceramic and copper works well, too.


What is the common Wasabi that we eat?

As we said, real Wasabi is hard to grow and expensive, so the green paste that we usually eat with our sushi is a mixture of horseradish paste (Armoracia rusticana), green coloring and dry mustard. Actually, the so called ‘Western Wasabi’ is spicier than real Wasabi, which when it’s fresh has a subtle aroma.


Wasabi powder, take away, delivery service


Wasabi paste, take away, delivery service. It is included in our Kit to make sushi, Kit fem sushi.


Which products with Wasabi do we offer at Suhibo?


In our sushi delivery and take away services, we always offer all the seasoning that you will need to enjoy your sushi: soy sauce, pickled ginger and Wasabi paste.

In contemporary cuisine, wasabi is not only a sushi seasoning but it has become the main ingredient in desserts and appetizers. Will you dare to try something different? Here at Sushibo you can find many options, from spicy Wasabi peas to a very refreshing Wasabi ice cream!



Wasabi peas, appetizer, online, take away, delivery service.


Wasabi ice cream, special dessert served at Sushibo Casanova restaurant.